A Lush Haul

When i walked past Lush the other day they had a sign up in the window about new products so i was intrigued and went in. Once i was in i realised these new products were in fact their Christmas ones which are my absolute favourites. Christmas is my favourite time of year anyway and Christmas products from Lush just add to this happy feeling i get leading up to Christmas.

I very quickly picked up Cinders, a bath bomb which i bought about 15 of last year, thats how much i like the smell. It has a very warming scent, kind of almondy and for me it has become the embodiment of Winter because ive been using it for that many years.

 After this i was quickly intercepted by one of the sales assistants who started to help me. She showed me a new bath bomb called Sparkler, obviously i had never seen one before and she did a demo with a bar of it. When she put it in the water obviously it fizzed but the yellow colour gave way to a sparkley rose colour in the middle. It smells like Rose Jam which is one of my favourite products from Lush so that immediately sold it to me. This is meant to be for Bonfire night but hopefully it will be available up until Christmas.

The sales assistant showed me quite a few products but i knew the next two i was going to get however she did show me Hot Toddy which is a shower gel and it smells like Christmas in a bottle, it is spicy and warming but it had glitter in it which really put me off. So i bought a different shower gel which was Rose Jam, i've had it before last Christmas but it is limited edition which seems a bit weird because i think it is much more of a spring scent rather than winter, because as the name would suggest it smells like rose.

The final product i bought was one which i have bought multiple times, just like Cinders, and it is the Melting Snowman. Lets face it, it is the cutest bath product ever but mine has sadly lost its eye. It doesn't do much in your bath, it doesn't change the colour or fizz but it just has the most incredible skin helping properties in it. It is a Bath Melt so it has a lot of oils in it so you feel super smooth when you get out of the bath. It smells warming and wintery and i think it has maybe a little bit of a cinnamon scent to it.

I can not recommend the Lush Christmas products enough, they are absolutely incredible and everyone loves a good bath when the colder weather comes in.

Let me know what your favourite lush product from the winter range is becuase i want to try more of them.

SophaaRambles xx


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