The Autumn Lips

After posting about my favourite Autumn eye shadow the other day i thought it was only fair to give my lips some attention. It is important for these to be two different looks because you either want to focus on your eyes or your lips. If you go for both it looks a bit much just like with a short skirt or a low top you can do one or the other. So Autumn is all about a berry lip and this is the look i do if i am going for this look.

I start by doing all of my usual base make up; foundation, concealer, contouring and a little bit of blush. For my eyes i don't use much of an eyeshadow and if i do it is something very light with a bit of shimmer but the important part of the eye is the liquid liner. This is important to widen your eyes and to make you look a little less bare other than your lip. I like a good bit of winged liner to go with a berry lip and at the moment i am using the L'Oreal Perfect Slim Liner which has a very thin nib which makes it easier to get closer to the lash line and a lovely thin line. I then use lots of mascara to also widen my eyes as this is key to the look. In the outer counter of my eye i sometimes use my MAC teddy liner just to add tot he appearance of wider eyes but this step isn't necessary and i don't take it all the way around the bottom of the eye just about the third of the way in.

Once the eyes are complete it is all about working on that dark lip. I am not very brave and i like the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107 a very popular and talked about shade because it is literally the perfect colour. It is a berry shade but still very red so if you have worn a red before this isn't too far away from it. I don't use a liner because this is a matte formula so it doesn't tend to move around too much but i do like the prep my lips by using a lip balm and scrub before so that all of the dead skin is gone and the lipstick glides on.

 So this was my second Autumn look, what did you think of it and which one do you prefer?

SophaaRambles xx


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