My First Shop on ASOS

So last week i thought it was time to make my first ever purchase on ASOS, yep i am a 21 year old girl and i've never purchased on ASOS but this has all changed now. I have always been scared to order clothes online because i am very petite and i like to try my clothes on first so i know that they fit. ASOS have quite a big petite range so i thought i would try two dresses and see how they fit and looked. I didn't randomly decide to try solely dresses but I am going on a work night out soon and i wanted a new one so i thought it would be nice to treat myself and to look good.

(Check out the dresses on ASOS i seriously can not take a good picture of them)

My order came a few days before it said it was going to which is definitely a good start for me. I love it when something comes before you expect it, its kind of like Christmas but you know what it is and paid for it. I was at work when it came but it was waiting for me when i got back which i liked even more. The package was too big to fit in the letter box even though it was only two dresses which is slightly annoying because someone had to be in to collect it or god knows what would have happened to it.

As i said i ordered two dresses from the petite range, if you are a small girl like me they have a large range of petite clothes which is amazing because when i was on Boohoo they have a very small petite section with around only 20 items in it which is pretty poor to be honest considering that there are a lot of smaller girls out there. So anyway i bought two going out dresses both of which were £22 but at the moment there is a 20% discount code with Glamour magazine but you can find it on their website also. They are two very different dresses, one is more classy and one is more sexy, well i think it is. The more classy one i actually saw in a Youtube video and Zoella was wearing it to a Vidcon party or something and when i saw it i knew i had to have because it looked amazing. It is called the ASOS PETITE Asymmetric Bodycon Dress and It is a wrap style dress with an asymmetric hen line which really flatters your legs and makes them look longer. Also it goes in at the waist and highlights you figure which is good for some like me who doesn't have much of a figure, it makes it look like i have some curves.

The second dress i saw when i was browsing the website and i was instantly drawn to it and the low back and it is called the ASOS PETITE Exclusive Mini Dress with High Neck and Cut Out Back. I have always wanted a dress with a low back but as i am a bit on the smaller side in regards to the boob region i have always been scared to buy one because i like to wear a bra but i had a team talk with myself and i decided to go with it. The high neckline suits my smaller boobs, i'm not sure why but it seems to make them look better than they are which is why i like higher necked clothes but the back makes up for all of this covering up by revealing pretty much all of it. Then it is a bodycon style and is tight around the bum. I love it and i think this will be my go to clubbing dress.

I bought both dresses in size 4 because i wanted them to be tight and to hug my waist which both of them do. If you are thinking about buying from ASOS petite i would definitely suggest going to a tighter fit when buying dresses like this because you do not want them hanging off of you. I would probably go for a 6 in anything else because i prefer more baggy and casual clothes during the day. I am 5'1 and they are both perfect on length for me but of course this depends on personal preference but you wouldn't want them to be too long.

I hope this has inspired you to purchase from ASOS, i will definitely be buying from their again.

SophaaRambles xx


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