My First Chanel Purchase

So this week is full of a lot of first purchases, i hadn't bought on ASOS before and now i have purchased my first Chanel product. Chanel as a brand that has always stood out to me because of the packaging and the products always look so classy. Chanel is a brand that i would instantly think of when someone says designer to me. I was reading ViviannaDoesMakeup and once again she inspired me to make a purchase, she is the worst enabler. The moment i saw this nail polish in the picture i knew i had to have it because it is the exact shade i have been looking for for a while now. It is the Le Vernis polish in 625 Secret and it is a beautiful nude shade with a little bit of pink in it. It is such a lovely shade and to me is very classic. It is part of the Autumn collection so i rushed out to buy it.

I wanted a shade like this for my graduation which is coming up at the end of September. I am wearing a black dress so i didn't want anything too dark or bright and this is perfect. The pink tones that are in the polish makes the shade more natural whilst making sure to not make you look like you have dead hands. I have very pale skin so the pink adds a bit of brightness compared to my skin making them look different. The shade is perfect for super pale people like me and probably for those with a darker skin tone because then the nail shade and skin tone are different enough for you not to look dead.

The formula of the polish is quite thin which i like because i find it a little bit easier to work with but it does mean that if there is anything wrong with your nails it shows up so i would use a base coat if i were you. Also it does take a while to dry so make sure you leave time between each layer because the first i used it i smudged it all and it looked really bad. It is a very glossy polish and has a similar shine to the Barry M Gelly Shine polishes but without the thickness. Unfortunately even though it is £18 it still chips quickly like other polishes so in this respect it isn't worth the money.

Personally i really like the packaging, i think it is sleek and classy looking. There is a lid which you pull off which has the Chanel symbol on top and underneath is the nail polish wand which you turn on and off which once again has the Chanel logo on top. It is similar to the Tanya Burr polishes in the packaging just for reference. I like this because the wand feels just right in your hand, it isn't too big but it doesn't feel like you will lose control of it and paint your whole hand instead of just your nails.

As i said before this is part of the Autumn collection and there are two other polishes which are available along side this one. I have my eye on the shade 631 Orage a lovely dark navy blue which looked beautiful but i couldn't justify getting both. Hopefully i will still be able to buy it when i next get paid because i really want it. The other one 629 Atmosphere doesn't appeal to me as much because i don't really like the shimmer in it. Nonetheless i am super impressed with this polish and i want another one, i can see this setting off a Chanel polish addiction. It was expensive but for a special occasion and such a pretty colour i guess i am ok with it.

Have you tried any of the Chanel polishes and what were you thoughts on it? What ones would you recommend for me to take a look at, let me know in the comments.

SophaaRambles xx


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