Looking for New Music? Heres my Recommendation

I always like looking for new music and to be honest i didn't have to look very far for this band. I heard them late last year on Radio 1 as one of Zane Lowe's top picks or something like that and i instantly like the song Out of the Black and ever since i have been hooked on Royal Blood. Royal Blood are a rock duo from Brighton and i really like there music.

I understand that there music isn't for everyone but i grew up liking music like this and it is only as i've gotten older that i started to appreciate all music. I like pretty music ever genre now. I listened to their new debut self-titled album on Spotify and then instantly had to download it for my iPod. (i also downloaded Katy Perry's album, i told you i had a diverse music taste) It reminds me of classic rock music and makes me feel a little bit sluty when i listen to it, like i should be in a disgusting strip club working that pole but don't worry i wouldn't do that. It just has that kind of dirty sound i don't know how or why but that's just what i think.

I am going to be listening to this album on repeat probably for the next year it is that good. It reminds me a bit of Queens of the Stone Age or something like that. I would love to see them live but i don't think anyone else i know would be interested :( Some of my favourite tracks from the album are: Figure it Out, Little Monster, Out of the Black and Loose Change.

The album is currently £5.99 on Amazon for instant download and to me that is pretty cheap if you compare it to buying a CD in HMV or something. If you like rock music i would check them out and give them a listen.

I would just like to point out that since i wrote this post they went straight to number one is it is not just me who thinks this album is amazing. If you weren't one of the people who helped Royal Blood make it to number 1 get their album now!

So there is my new music recommendation, if there is anything you think i would like let me know the comments and i will check it out as im always looking for something new to listen to.

SophaaRambles xx


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