I'll Just A Sneaky New Brush To My Collection

The other day i popped into ASDA with my brother, just for a few snacks but me being me i decided that i wanted to walk all the way around the store so that i didn't miss anything so we went through all the food, homeware and make-up. Obviously the beauty section stood out to me because i am obsessed with make-up but the one thing that caught my eye was that the Real Technique brushes they had were a third off. Real Techniques are my favourite make-up brushes and there was one which i didn't have and that was the Blush Brush.

Previously i had never been drawn to it but because it was bit cheaper i thought i would go for it. It is a super soft brush, just like the powder brush and it is slightly tapered at the end. I use it for my contouring, blush and my highlighting just because the tapered end is a perfect shape for my face. It is amazing for contouring because of its slightly pointy end so you can get that definition but also the rest of the brush blends it in better than the brush i was using previously so it has more of a natural look. It is good for blush and doesn't pick up too much product.

If you haven't tried any of the Real Techniques brushes yet, why not they aren't too expensive, compared to other brushes and they are amazing quality. I can not recommend them enough, i've even got my mum using them.

This wasn't the only brush that was cheaper in ASDA so if there is one near you, which if you live in England there definitely will be becuase they are everywhere, go in and have a look and just buy one. If you are a first time buyer i would recommend getting the Expert Face Brush because it is amazing for blending in your foundation and i use mine everyday. Also available was the Core Collection set for £15 instead of £20, i haven't bought it so i can't recommend it but it is a good price if you want to try it. The brush i bought was around £7 and is usually £9.99 in Boots.

SophaaRambles xx


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