A Lack of Time and Inspiration..

So towards the end of last week i did one of my vanishing acts and stopped posting and this is because i was completely uninspired to post, everything i was writing was not good enough to post and i have not had enough time to sit down and sort it out. I have been busy settling in to a new job and trying to sort out my personal life which has taken its toll on my creative mind but hopefully now things will calm down and i will be able to start posting again. I have a day off today so hopefully i will be able to sit down and write a few posts for you to read. I am so sorry that i haven;t posted but i hope you can understand because i am sure at times your life i as messed up as mine at the moment.

Hopefully you will come back for the rest of this weeks posting, i hope you do and once again i am sorry for the lack of posting

SophaaRambles xx


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