The University Special: Day 5 - The Overview

This is the final installment of The University Special and we are going to talk about general university life and how it will impact you. Before i went to uni i was very quiet and was generally scared by human interaction, i had always had friends at school but they were the people i had stuck with for years. After three years of living away and having freedom i have changed into someone who is more confident and i even have a job in retail where i have to speak to strangers on a regular basis. Uni for me was less about the degree and more important for my social side. I learnt so much about life that i would not have learnt if i was at home with my parents. I was forced into situations that i couldn't leave for them to sort out i had to deal with it myself.

I made some of the best friends i could ever have wished for and we still keep in contact now on a regular basis even though we live in different parts of the country. My best friend dropped out in second year but remained in the city i went to uni, this in itself was a massive learning curve because it made me realise that uni is not very everyone and that it is a difficult environment to live in.

I think uni is less about the education and more about life skills which are important to everyone. I am very grateful for the experiences i had and i wouldn't change any of them.

If you are going to university this year i hope you have the best time and if you have a few years yet before you go i would recommend looking at uni because you learn so much.

SophaaRambles xx


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