The University Special: Day 3 - The Ultimate Shopping List

So what was sorely lacking when i started uni was a ultimate list of the things i needed for uni like the basic kitchen things i needed and stuff for my room. It took me the entire first term to get everything i needed but if there had been a list i could have bought them before i went. I am going to break it up into three sections: Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom, obviously you can decide what you need from this list but these were the things that were useful for me. It is only once Fresher has finished and you really start to get into uni life that you realise the things you have forgotten and sometimes they can be important, it took me 2 weeks to buy a pizza cutter even though i ate it pretty much every night because i forgot about it.

(Some of my stuff after 3 years and the mess you will face when moving)

  • Bedding - It is nice to replace some of your old bedding for something new which you can use when you feel more comfortable in your new room.
  • A Mattress protector - I was lucky because my Halls was very new so only 3 people had lived in my room before me but if you have an older room the likelihood is that you have an older mattress which is horrible to think about but it is a reality so a mattress protector is a must not for the bed but for your own peace of mind.
  • A Bin -  a bin was something i didn't even consider buying but i was lucky because my Uni provided one but not everyone in my Halls had one so take one just in case.
  • A pair of scissors - i forgot these and i need a part to help open my boxes and some of my new things but as i didn't have a pair so i had to go out and buy some but to open the packaging you need scissors so i had to use a kitchen knife to get them out.
  • Organisers - as in pots for your stationary, folders and everything that you need to take to uni and that will keep your room tidy. I used old pasta sauce jars for my pens because my desk looked so messy without them.
  • A lamp - you do not know what sort lighting will be able and it is handy to have for reading late at night and to do work at night if there isn't much light.
  • Fairy lights - they are essential but they make your room seem more homely and brighten the place up (hahaha)
  • A printer (if you can) - i didn't even think about how i was going to print things. Obviously there will be a library on campus but you have to pay to print and that is if you can get anywhere near one so on my first day my parents left me to unpack and bought me one so i could print from my room.
  • speakers - it is always important to be able to play music so you can drown out the sound of other peoples rubbish music and what is going on out side in your room. 
  • A Diary - so you can keep organised, i used mine to tell me what i was doing each day and to make a list so i knew what i had to do in that day. Being organised makes uni a lot easier.
  • DVDs - i didn't take my TV or DVD player with me because you have to buy a TV license and at £145 that was not something i could afford so i had to watch a lot of DVDs on my laptop, which was a great way of bonding with people and spending time with them. I had to watch TV on catch up because you can watch TV but as long as its not live.
  • A sleeping bag or a spare duvet - for guests, i had lots of people stay when i was in Halls and i only had a tiny single bed so they had to sleep on the floor when they came to visit so it is good to have a spare. 
  • Decorational pieces - like a vase, it just makes the room less hotel like and personal.
  • Something that can act as a washing basket - I used an Ikea bag as my dirty clothes washing bag but eventually i went to wilko and bought a proper one. 
  • An alarm clock - my phone broke whilst i was at uni and i used it as my alarm so i had to go out and buy a alarm clock so i could hand in my assignment the next day. Mine is from Ikea and is good because i can use it for the time as well.
There are obviously other things you need to take like clothes and books but these are items that can be forgotten or not thought of. 

I forgot some much kitchen stuff because i just didn't think of it before i left so here are a few things that i didn't get but had wished i did.
  • A Pizza Cutter - Massively important or an alternative is a pair of scissors which make them even easier to cut. 
  • Plastic tubs for the freezer or freezer bags - I used to batch cook food and put some of it in the freezer so for the days i couldn't be bothered to cook but wanted a good home cooked meal i could just go to the freezer.
  • Scales - luckily my housemate brought some but if you are baking or cooking from scratch it is important for you to be able to measure out ingredients and you will not be provided some at your uni.
  • a whisk - it is such a simple item that it can be forgotten but they are important for baking and for sauces. 
  • a baking tray - i forgot a baking tray which was annoying because i had nothing to cook my chips on or anything else like that so if i were you i would get two just in case. 
  • a oven proof dish - I didn't think i would do enough cooking to need one of these but pasta bake is the greatest student meal so it is vital to have one.
  • a big frying pan - for stir-frys. Stir-fry is a quick and easy meal and it is great to cook for others so i would recommend a big pan. 
  • a can opener - I was lucky because my Grandma bought me one before i left or i would have definitely forgotten this. I didn't use mine much but it is super handy if you do need it.
  • a mixing bowl - I didn't buy one the whole time i was at uni because i was that annoying person who borrowed everyone else's. Of course you need one of these for savory and sweet dishes that you are making. 
  • obviously you need cutlery, plates, bowls, mugs, saucepans and a chopping board
  • A Bath Mat - definitely optional, it just makes the bathroom look nicer 
  • Towels - my gran bought me towels before i left which was lucky because i probably would have forgotten to take any.
  • a storage unit - to put all of your products in. I would get this after you have seen your room so that you know what you can fit or maybe if you are lucky the uni will provide somewhere for you to put your toiletries. 
  • a bin - as a female it is essential to have a bin in the bathroom and if you are a girl you will know why but i didn't think of buying one
  • a toilet brush - gross i know but if you don't need it a guest might. 
  • a spare towel - for guests.
  • i took a mirror with me but i didn't need to because there was one there so i would suggest not taking one.
So this list isn't a complete guide to everything you will need because that list would be ridiculously long but this is just an idea of the things i forgot and need whilst i was at uni. Your uni should provide a list as well so i would definitely have a look at that and if not have a look online and see what other people have to say. I hope this has been helpful and feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

SophaaRambles xx


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