Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain - Yay or Nay?

I went into my local Boots on Friday and they were just starting to put these out so i picked up the two shades which appealed to me the most and obviously they are two bright pink shades. I only wanted to buy two because it is buy one get one half price on Revlon in Boots at the moment so i ended up with 015 Barcelona Nights (influenced by Fleur De Force) and 020 Rio Rush.

(i do realise they look exactly the same but Barcelona nights, the top shade)

On first impression i really like the packaging, i think it is unique and quite sophisticated but when i first used Rio Rush it wasn't what i expected. This might sound strange but the consistency of the product is thinner than i thought it would be. The brush looks good but i'm not sure about how it feels on my lips and the way it applies product, it starts off very streaky and you have to work with it to make it look even. The product felt strange on my lips and i can't explain why, i think it feels quite oily. Also it has a weird scent, it just smells like chemicals but the smell is lost when it is applied. On the first application it went a bit streaky but when you build up the colour it is fine. It gives quite a glossy look and is highly pigmented.

At first it looks really good i like the glossy look and the colour is lovely however it doesn't last that long. The gloss goes the minute you eat or drink and it doesn't stain the lips that much. For a product which says it is a stain i was less than impressed.

One good thing about this product is that it does actually feel moisturising on the lips and does not sink into fine lines on your lips which some other lip products which are bright colours do. 

The problem with this product for me is that it takes time to be applied and i like a lip product which i can quickly put on my lips and then it lasts for ages which is why i like the Revlon Matte Balms, these take a bit of precision. Overall i think the product is ok, i am slightly disappointed because Fleur De Force hyped up these lip stains but for me they are kind of meh, i will definitely use them but they just weren't what i expected. I would have liked a better smelling product and something which lasts longer. I do like how many pink shades there are because i do love a good pink lip. If i were you i would definitely give one a try, see how you like it and then buy more if you think they are fantastic. I don't think i will be buying anymore of the shades because there are definitely lip products i enjoy more and to be honest i have similar shades in other products.

SophaaRambles xx


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