Piercings - Tips and Tricks

On the majority of beauty blogs piercings are overlooked, pretty much everyone has at least one so why isn't it something that is talked about more? In total i now i have five piercings and at the age of 21 i do not think that is too bad or too many.

Piercings have definitely become more popular as i have grown up. When i was younger my mother used to say i couldn't have any but I had my two earlobes done when i was a little girl around the age of 10, i was old enough to make my own decision to have them done and i had wanted them done for ages so my mum caved and took me to Claries. At 15 i had the top of my ear done and i was so happy with it, i went into school the next day with my hair up just to show it off. Not many people had piercings back then in my school so it was bit of shock. My mum said i could have it done if i promised never to have anymore done but when i was 18 and old enough to go by myself i had my Navel pierced very spur of the moment and i fluctuate between loving it and wanting to take it out. I think i was because i hadn't really thought about it so i am still undecided about it 3 years on. My final piercing and the reason for this post is the one i had done last week, which was a tragus piercing and it was definitely the most painful in my personal opinion. I have been thinking about this one for a while and i finally got the courage to do it. I thought i would be a strong independent woman and go on my own but as i almost passed out i realised it was a good idea to take someone with you in case you do need a little bit of looking after. The woman was super nice about it and made sure i was ok before i left and told me to get a sugary drink and some food the moment i left as i did not eat before i had the piercing done. I didn't know this was a big no no but now i have learnt from this experience.

So if you couldn't tell i have little experience with piercings but here are a few things i have learnt when getting them:

1. Do not get them spur of the moment, really consider them or you will not appreciate them and might even regret them and even though they heal over you will still get scars so they can't be completely forgotten.
2. Eat before you go in. I almost passed out when the lady pierced me for my tragus because i hadn't eaten and it is a shock to the body.
3. They will leave a scar and they aren't attractive
4. Don't worry about what people think as long as you like them it is fine.
5. Take someone with you
6. No matter what they bloody hurt and your stupid if you think they wont!
7. Get ear ones on the side you don't sleep on
8. Don;t remove them before they recommend, they recommend it for a reason and it will irritate the piercing if you take it out too early.

If you are thinking about getting a piercing i hope this has helped to inform you a little. I really like the ones i've got but i can't see myself getting another one in the foreseeable future after my recent experience.

Let me know about your experiences and what piercings you have or want in the comments.

SophaaRambles xx


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