My Dream Handbag

Recently I have been working quite a lot which has been an adjustment from my student lifestyle. After over a month of working I finally got paid and my mother told me that with my first bit of pay I should treat myself so I have done just that (if you couldn't tell from the amount of hauling that has been going on.) A lot of things crossed my mind the minute I thought about treating myself: do I get a Blu-Ray player for my bedroom, a new bag, something big for my bedroom?  By the title of this post I'm assuming that you will have guessed what I bought, I got a bag.

(I'm not sure this picture does it justice but it is super hard to picture)

I have never been the type to worry about my handbag and i had never been someone who lusted over expensive bags because mine just get destroyed but as my bag broke a week before I got paid I decided it was time to get one that cost a bit more but would last longer. At the moment, Ted Baker is my favourite brand, the products are always so sleek and on trend and i've seen a lot of people with them. I already have one of the tote bag and I love it so after some consideration i decided that this was what i wanted.

I ended up buying the Sophia bag and the name alone was a sign showing me that this was meant to be. My name is Sophie and Sophia is pretty close to it so when i found out this was what it was called my mind made up. It is a lovely black patent leather bag with stripe stitching down the front and back. It has 3 compartments for all of your goodies and the inside floral grey pattern is gorgeous. I've never had something that feels so luxurious and that i have been so scared to use out and about.

This was definitely a treat item and I would not have spend this money on a bag if it wasn't so. Some of you might thing well it's not as expensive as a mulberry bag or as nice but honest it is perfect for me and where I am at my point in life. The best thing about this bag is that I paid for it all by myself. I am proud of this and this bag is the symbol of my new independence.

This post isn't all about my bag though, it is to tell you that sometimes it is good to treat yourself to make what you are doing worth while.

SophaaRambles xx


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