Monthly Magazine - September

This is this months installment of Monthly Magazine, i have written this posts for the previous two months and this month is no different. This month there were less free gifts with the magazines so it was slim picking but i still managed to find one i wanted. I have been doing a lot of travelling this month and i wanted something to read whilst i was on the train and I saw that Marie Claire had a little sample of Ghost Eclipse perfume which i have recently heard of because of Fleur De Force. This is the primary reason i bought the magazine, I thought the perfume would be great to have in my bag because i always for get to put on perfume and i had forgotten to pack any for my trip away last weekend.

As i said previously, i have heard of this perfume because of Fleur de Force and i know you can go into Boots and sniff a perfume but this seemed like a great way to try it. The perfume smells great, i honestly don't know how to describe it but it smells really fresh and quite citrusy. As Fleur says it has awful staying power so it is a good thing it is a travel size because you can put it in your bag and top it up throughout the day.

The magazine itself was £3.90 and is very fashion heavy. I think its audience is made up of people my age but aims for people maybe in their late twenties as it features products i wouldn't dream of buying because i do not have that sort of money. However it is nice to flick through and look at all of the fashion and make-up.

Overall i really enjoyed this magazine and i love the perfume, depending on how much the full size bottle is i might buy that because i like it so much. Let me know in the comments if you have tried this perfume or if you have read this magazine this month and what your favourite bit of it was.

SophaaRambles xx


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