Electro Lips: Maybelline Baby Lips

So the Maybelline Baby Lips has been a very popular product within the beauty world and for good reason. When they first came out i hated the idea of them, i saw the packaging and all i could think about was how cheap and tacky the packaging looked. Then when i was sat in one of my lectures my friend pulled on out and started saying how good it was. So i went out and bought one and i immediately loved it, so this product gave me a bit of a life lesson, it doesn't matter how much a product is, it matters how good it is.

I was on the Boots website seeing what new products were new out and they had a waiting list for the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro range and i was massively intrigued. I still haven't seen them in Boots but they are now available in Superdrug. The colours are as bright as you might imagine from a range titled 'Electro' and surprisingly the Pink shade didn't interest me because it was so pink but i did like the shade named Strike a Rose which is pictured above. It isn't as pink as Pink Shock but has a slightly orangey tint which makes it a warmer tone than Pink Shock.

The formula is exactly the same as the original Baby Lips but i am not sure on the smell of this product. The original shade i have is Pink Punch and it smells amazing but this is one is different and slightly weird. It has a plasticy smell to it which i really do not like but i can look past this. It feels quite oily on the lips and it gives a good wash of colour.  If you are looking for something to moisturise your lips these aren't it but they do give a glossy bit of colour to your lips without drying them out. For £2.99 you can't really complain they are cheap and a good product. I keep saying  i will buy more colours and i forgetting but i would recommend going out and getting one they are easy to apply and look great. If you are just starting out in make up they are a great basic lip product.

SophaaRambles xx


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