Barry M Rose Hip's Twin Sister

Everyone loves the Barry M Gelly Shine nail polish and i espeically love the shade Rose Hip, it is the perfect pink for Spring/Summer so when i walked past the Rimmel stand and noticed Lose You Lingere from the Rita Ora collection i knew i had to have it. I immediately noticed it had little silver shimmer in it and i thought to myself how could Barry M have improved Rose Hip? Add glitter!

Side by side these shades are pretty much the same but it is the finish that make them different. The Gelly Shines are so popular because of how shiny they are when they have dried, they are like having your nails done in a salon but at home and they last a long time, they last a few days before they chip and the shades are stunning. On the other hand the Rimmel vanish applies streaky on the first coat and this scared me a little but by the second coat you are fine and once they have dried the shimmer is very subtle and gives the colour a pearlescent finish. The Rimmel one is definitely less shiny but in this case i don't think it is a negative thing. Lose Your Lingere does not last as long without chipping but still i love the colour and the finish.

Unfortunately the picture above was taken a few days after i had painted them so there are a few chips but it shows the pretty colour. If i were to pick only one of these products i would probably go with the Barry M one purely because it lasts longer without chipping and i am lazy but i am very glad i have the Rimmel one for the days i want a bit of a luminous look to my nails.

SophaaRambles xx


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