Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick

For some reason this week has been all about the lip products, I can only apologise for this but let's face it we all love a good lip product. Next week I am setting myself the task of not writing a review on a lip product which will be hard for me but wish me luck but now on to today's post. I know this has been out for quite a while but this blog hasn't been around for a while so i'm writing about it now whilst everyone still has the opportunity to buy it. 

Back in February this lipstick came out and i know this because i had my make-up done in store and i have pictures of it from February. I had my make-up done as part of the release for this lipstick and it was an amazing opportunity to try Mac products for someone who was quite new to Mac make-up at the time and showed me the products that suit me. I would highly recommend going into a Mac store and having your make up done. The girls can be a bit scary but it tends to be that when they are doing your makeup they are a lot nicer so don't worry about the scary women in Mac.

At the end of last year i managed to get one of the Rihanna Holiday lipsticks and it is was more luck that I managed to get one as they sold out very quickly. I got my hands on Pleasure Bomb as matte vibrant pink with white and rose gold packaging and i loved it so when i knew this was coming out i had to get it. The Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick is the most beautiful red which would suit almost everyone who is brave enough to wear it. It is a frost finish with a mixture of red and gold shimmer giving it a warm tone. As a very pale girl it suits me quite well, if i do say so myself but it would suit most skin colours due to its strong pigmentation. The packaging is amazing, it is the standard shape of a Mac lipstick which does look a bit naughty but instead of being black it has velvet looking red packaging, making it look more special than your average Mac lipstick. Everything about this lipstick is special which is why i love it even a few months after buying it, it is my favourite bold lipstick and definitely worth the investment. It is £15 which is a lot of money just for a lipstick but all of the money goes to the Mac Aids/HIV charity so you are doing something good whilst treating yourself.

You should definitely consider trying to buy this lipstick, you can still buy it off of the Mac website and in store so look into buying it whilst you still can and even though I don't have it I would also recommend the lipgloss, I personally prefer lipsticks but the gloss has the same high pigmentation and beautiful colour but just in gloss form.


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