Wednesday Wears: Naked 2 Palette

With Monday being Monday Moans i figured i needed to pick up a little bit of happiness on Wednesday so i have decided to make Wednesday, Wednesday Wears which will entail either a post about make-up or an outfit kind of post. So it could be a recommendation of a product, or some of my favorite clothes or something along these lines.

To beginning Wednesday Wear i am going to talk about an obvious make-up product which is talked about a lot, i'm probably not going to say anything new but i think it is important that i cover this as one of the basics. The Naked palettes are nothing new to any beauty blogs but this is a new blog so its new here. Prior to owning the Naked 2 palette i used one eye shadow colour which was white and the emergence of this palette into my life changed my opinions of eye shadows and what looks good. To be honest i was scared to stray out of my comfort zone and try something new but i'm glad i did. The colours are beautiful and look amazing on your eye lids, they blend together well for a smoky eye (which has quickly become my favorite eye look).

My only criticism is that there isn't a really dark colour apart from the black to get a intense smoky eye but other than that i would say it was completely worth the money. I watch a lot of beauty channels on Youtube and i like to read a lot of beauty blogs and all of them own a ridiculous amount of make-up which no one needs in their lives however i'm glad this palette stood out to me. It is expensive and as i am on a student budget it was quite a stretch for my budget but it was worth it. I don't need to buy any other eye shadows and i am completely happy with it.

In Wednesday Wears i am going to implement a rating system and i am going to have a rating out of 10 and the repurchase test.

The Naked 2 Palette
Rating out of 10: a solid 9 - a positive start to Wednesday Wears, it is a 9 and not a 10 because of the lack                             of a dark brown.
Repurchase Test: Yes definitely even though it was expensive, but i don't think i will have to buy a new one                              for a while.


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