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Christmas Picks 2018

Even though it is still only October I am already thinking about Christmas as I have been sat down thinking about Blogmas for the past couple of week. I must admit it does feel wrong especially as no one else is currently sharing my enthusiasm for the festive season. I guess my festive mood hasn't exclusively been brought on because of Blogmas but also because of the shops. Some stores have been stocking Christmas gifts since August and as any beauty fanatic knows, you need to be quick to pick up the good stuff.

I have been watching new in pages and beauty update accounts to try and see if there is anything I am particularly interested in and I have finally compiled a list of some of the gift sets that have caught my eye. I couldn't tell if October would be slightly too early for this kind of post but it turns out the post I did last year, I published it at the end of September so if anything this is slightly late. Some of these products are out, some are yet to come out but I…

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