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Astrid & Miyu Piercings

Instagram is the worst! I've never heard someone start off by saying anything positive about the social media platform. Instead when people talk about Instagram, they always say they hate it but they cannot stop scrolling and looking at the app. I am exactly the same. I hate Instagram, I hate how it makes me feel on days when I am feeling insecure but I will continue to torture myself by looking at people's fake lives and wishing that my own life was more interesting.

Not only is Instagram now a hub of fakery but it has also become one massive advertising platform. I can't complain about this too much as I do use Instagram to promote my blog (check out my Instagram: SophaaRambles) so I do contribute to this but so many brands have been able to grow a following and have become viable businesses due to promotion on Instagram. Sometimes you see these incredible images of products and you wonder whether they are truly worth it. It can be so easy to manipulate images and there …

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