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Ouai x Byredo: A Must Have Product

A collaboration between two brands from completely different sectors of the beauty world is always super exciting but I think the collaboration between Ouai and Byredo is one of the most underrated collaborations of the year. Ouai is the brain child of Jen Atkin who is a hair stylist to the starts and went on to start Ouai, an incredibly popular hair care brand. Byredo is a luxury fragrance brand that I would love to be able to treat myself to but I simply do not have that sort of money. Byredo is not a cheap brand but they create some incredible scents. A 50ml bottle is £115 which is rather a lot. The coming together of these brands truly excited me and I wanted to get my hands on a bottle of the new dry shampoo. After a trip into town, I managed to give the dry shampoo a smell and I bought it instantly. My HairBefore we get too far into this review, I thought I would give you an overall idea of what my hair is like because we all have different hair types and products are going to wo…

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