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Couture Week A/W19

Couture Week is the week that gives fashion a bad name. Whenever someone wants to criticise fashion, they will say how unrealistic it is and use a very out there couture outfit to prove their point. Ready-to-Wear, for the most part, is more commercial and it is what you will see available to buy in stores 6 months after the runway. Couture is about the artistry of the design and quite often it is the type of pieces you will see on the red carpet. They aren't designed for the masses, they are designed as art and for the fashion connoisseur.

Special Ateliers will work on Couture alongside the Ready-to-Wear and if you watch the 7 Days Out, Worlds Biggest Events on Netflix, they followed Chanel a week before a Chanel Couture Show and you see all of the incredible work and detail the ateliers do for each outfit. The Creative Directors might sketch the pieces but it is the ateliers who bring them to life. I love seeing what is created and how brands still keep their style within such an…

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