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Jo Malone London: White Lilac & Rhubarb

It may seem like completely the wrong time of year to be burning a candle and in a way you would be right, I can understand why people only see them as a Winter product as you are literally creating a flame in your room. However for me, a candle isn't just about having something that looks good; a candle gives a very homely and warming effect whilst creating a blanket of scent over the room. This scent blanket can easily become overwhelming with the stiffing heat of Summer but I still long for comfort in Summer so continue to burn them occasionally. I do change up my candle scents seasonally which stops them from being too overwhelming but I acknowledge that not everyone likes Summer candles. When I am looking to change my candle scents, one of my top brands for candles is Jo Malone London. 

I don't burn candles 24/7 so with the amount I burn them I can get away with treating myself to something a little bit more luxury and as a brand, Jo Malone London define luxury. The produ…

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